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Testcard F - Vince Rogers

Testcard F - Vince Rogers

August 5, 2022

Vince Rogers - Testcard F - in conversation with David Eastaugh 

Norwich, experimental synth pop band formed in 1981 -  formed in the early 1980s at the UEA. Famously had an indie chart hit with Bandwagon Tango. They completed a second EP and also did a Peel Session. 

Before releasing solo material as alpha seven, Pete used to be in Testcard F, an early experimental synth pop outfit based in Norwich, reaching the dizzy heights of a Peel session in 1982 and two singles on the Backs record label.

Instrumentation included electronic percussion built from Maplin kits, augmented with a coat rack and waste bins to give a human feel. There was a borrowed EDP Wasp, 1960s Farfisa organ, Casio VL-Tone and a drum machine that held a single song, hence they used backing cassettes



Martin Bisi in conversation - B.C Studio

Martin Bisi in conversation - B.C Studio

February 7, 2022

Martin Bisi in conversation - B.C Studio - in conversation with David Eastaugh

In 1981, he started B.C. Studio (initially named OAO, Operation All Out, Studio) with Bill Laswell and Brian Eno in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn, where he recorded much of the No Wave, avant garde, and hip-hop of the early 1980s including Lydia Lunch, Live Skull, Fred Frith and Afrika Bambaataa. In 1982 he recorded the instruments for the first song Whitney Houston recorded as a lead singer, "Memories" off of Material's One Down LP.
Soon after recording Herbie Hancock's "Rockit", Bisi split from Bill Laswell but continued working from BC Studio till present time, with a specialty in loud, dense sound, such as Foetus and Serena Maneesh.

In 2021, he worked with the Hypnagogia album of Travis Duo.

Faust with Jean-Hervé Péron

Faust with Jean-Hervé Péron

November 12, 2021

Faust with Jean-Hervé Péron in conversation with David Eastaugh

Faust formed in 1971 in the rural setting of Wümme. They secured a recording contract with Polydor and soon began recording their debut, Faust, which sold poorly but received critical acclaim for its innovative approach and established a devoted fan base. Meifert was sacked shortly afterwards because, as Peron wrote in 2004, "he discussed things, because he had flat buttocks and an absolutely beautiful girlfriend, because he practised every day, because he always kept his room neat and woke up every morning to first wet a cloth he'd put in front of his room to keep the dirt out, because he played such a hard 4/4th that we had to travel into the tongue, ready to drop, ding dong is handsome top."

In 1972 the band recorded its second, slightly more accessible album So Far. Faust became one of the premier bands in the international appreciation of the genre that would eventually be known as krautrock.

Suicide with Martin Rev

Suicide with Martin Rev

April 15, 2021


Suicide with Martin Rev in conversation with David Eastaugh

Suicide was an American musical duo composed of vocalist Alan Vega and instrumentalist Martin Rev, intermittently active between 1970 and 2016. The group's pioneering music utilized minimalist electronic instrumentation, including synthesizersand primitive drum machines, and their early performances were confrontational and often ended in violence. They were among the first acts to use the phrase "punk music" in an advertisement for a concert in 1970.

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