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World of Twist - Gordon King

August 19, 2022

Gordon King  - World of Twist - in conversation with David Eastaugh

New book - When Does The Mind-Bending Start? by Gordon King


A short lived 1986 version of World of Twist featured Gordon King (vocalist and co-songwriter), Tony Ogden (co-songwriter), Andy Hobson (Bass, Keyboards), Neil Drabble (visuals).

The 1989 version of World Of Twist featured Ogden (now vocalist and co-songwriter), King (guitar and co-songwriter), and Hobson (synthesisers) joined by Alan Frost (visual effects, synthesisers), Julia aka M.C. Shells (swirls and sea noises) and Angela Reilly (visual effects). Nick Sanderson (drums) joined some time later.

A demo tape (featuring "The Storm", "Blackpool Tower Suite", "The Spring", and "She's a Rainbow") released in early 1990 drew attention to the band, and a recording contract with Circa Records followed. The record label issued the singles "The Storm" (produced by Clif Brigden) that same year with "Sons of the Stage" also (produced by Clif Brigden) and "Sweets" following in 1991. A cover of The Rolling Stones' "She's a Rainbow", originally issued as the B-side of "The Storm", was reissued with new dance mixes by Fluke in 1992. The original B-side version had been one of the last tracks produced by Martin Hannett, who died in 1991.

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