C86 Show - Indie Pop

The Embarrassment & Big Dipper with Bill Goffrier

August 10, 2020

The Embarrassment & Big Dipper special with Bill Goffrier in conversation with David Eastaugh

Although some people considered the band punk rock, the band itself liked to describe themselves as "Blister Pop." The Village Voice's long-time chief music critic, Robert Christgau, called them a "great lost American band."[1] Along with bands like Get Smart!, and the Mortal Micronotz, the Embarrassment were prominent in the Lawrence punk scene of the early '80s and they would regularly play at venues like the Lawrence Opera House (now called "Liberty Hall") and the Off The Wall Hall (later called "Cogburn's", now called "The Bottleneck").

The Embarrassment stopped performing when two of the members moved to Boston. Giessmann drummed for The Del Fuegos, and Goffrier formed the band Big Dipper with former members of the Volcano Suns. Several of The Embarrassment's unreleased songs were recorded by Big Dipper, including "Faith Healer," which was later covered by Japanese all-girl group Shonen Knife.

The "Embos," as fans call them, have played several reunion concerts in the years since, the latest being in August 2008, when they played an acoustic show in Wichita.


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