C86 Show - Indie Pop

The Bollweevils with Steve McKevitt

March 31, 2021

The Bollweevils with Steve McKevitt in conversation with David Eastaugh

Although first formed in 1985, The Bollweevils did not come together properly as a live act until 1988. The first full line-up included Sarah Griffiths (vocals), Mark Johnson (lead guitar), Steve McKevitt (bass guitar), Dave Lloyd (rhythm guitar) and Chris Coyle (drums).

From their first gig The Bollweevils received favourable reviews.[1] However, it was not until late in 1989 that the band signed a recording contract with the independent record label, Vinyl Solution. In March 1990, their first single was released on the Decoy label, the self produced and critically well-received four track Talk To Me EP. ABC's Stephen Singleton agreed to help record the second single, but it was not finished until 1991 and neither the band nor the record company were happy with the results. The tracks were re-mixed in June with the punk/dance producer Alan Scott, but the Life's A Scream EP was never released in that form

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