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Graham Bailey - The Sound, The Crazies, Outsiders & Second Layer

November 9, 2021

Graham Bailey - The Sound, The Crazies, Outsiders & Second Layer - in conversation with David Eastaugh 


The legendary session from members of The Outsiders, The Sound and Honolulu Mountain Daffodils. released for the very first time Overseen by Adrian Janes and remastered by Nick Robbins with sleeve design and artwork by Bi Marshall

In December 1978 Pete Williams, later to achieve cult infamy as Lord Sulaco of the Honolulu Mountain Daffodils, decided to realise a notion which he’d long kicked around with some of his musician friends.  This was to record some original songs for which he - who had never been in a studio in his life – would provide the lyrics and sing.  These friends were the Outsiders, at that time consisting of Adrian Borland (guitar, vocals), Graham Bailey (bass) and Adrian Janes (drums), plus an increasingly regular guest player in Bi Marshall (clarinet).  (A year later, Janes having left, the Outsiders became the Sound.)

The Sound were formed in South London in 1979 from the remnants of the punk band the Outsiders. The original lineup of the Sound consisted of Adrian Borland (vocals, guitar) and Graham Bailey (bass guitar), both ex-Outsiders, along with Mike Dudley (drums) and woodwinds player Bi Marshall (born Benita Biltoo). While not a member, ex-Outsider Adrian Janes would contribute ideas and co-write lyrics to the Sound's music.[1] Borland and Bailey also made up the band Second Layer, formed around the same time as the Sound.

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